Founded over 21 years ago, Celling Professionals International(CPI) is the leader among ceiling compaines.CPI national and international network includes over 500 CPI dealers, who serve thousand of satisfied customers every day. CPI is headquarted in Minnesota, USA

Al Doha Maintenance & Services is proud to be associated with Ceiling Pro International as the Master Dealer of Qatar & Bahrain.

    - Acoustic Ceiling Cleaning - Water Stains Removal  

    - Vinyl Ceiling Cleaning - Concrete Slab Cleaning  

    - Billboards Cleaning - Teflon Cleaning  

    - Movie Screens Cleaning - Air Duct Cleaning  

    - Diffusers Cleaning - Awnings Cleaning  

    - Chandelier Cleaning - Water Tank Cleaning  

    - Stainless Steel Polish - Grease Trap Cleaning  

    - Industrial Facility Cleaning - Oil Deposit Removal

    - Kitchen Duct and Exhaust Fan Degreasing  

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